Fish Mate 2500 / 5000 PUV Foam Set

Keep your filtration system running efficiently

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  • Replacement foam set for Fish Mate Pressurised Filters
  • Dimple surface filter pads
  • For use with 2500/5000 filter models
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Fish Mate 2500 / 5000 PUV Foam Set is the replacement foam set for the 2500 / 5000 PUV Fish Mate Pressurised Filter.

Designed exclusively for this efficient pond filter the replacement filter foams fit perfectly. Straining away grime, dirt and debris. This compact filter foam can be installed and removed easily with minimum fuss.

The dimpled surface of this filter pad ensures that as much waste as possible is removed from the water. The coarse texture traps all particles before the water travels through to the biological media.

Please note: These kits do not contain a replacement U.V bulb or seal.

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