Fluval Flex 123l Black

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Fluval Flex 123l Tank is a unique looking tank that provides a perfect central focal point in your home. It comes in black, and has the curved matching stand included, making it a real piece of furniture.


  • Flex 123l Tank & Cabinet - Black
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Product Information

The Fluval Flex 123 Litre aquarium makes an exciting addition to Fluval's bold curved aquarium series. It comes fully equipped with Bluetooth operated Aquasky LED that offers total control over brilliant custom colours, multiple dynamic effects and a programmable 24-hr light timer. In addition, this all-new Flex includes a built-in filtration system with 2 independent multi-stage chambers for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Features Fluval Flex 123L Include:

  • Twin output nozzles that can be adjusted to create customized water flow
  • A removable cover that provides complete access to the rear chamber without disturbing tank inhabitants
  • Space to add a second LED (sold separately)
  • Closable feeding flap
  • An auto fish feeder opening (a programmable fish feeder is available, sold separately)
  • Bold curved design with honeycomb print that camouflages the waterline and rear compartment

Key Features of Aquasky LED Lighting:

  • Fluval Smart app which can be downloaded to your mobile device
  • Super bright 6500K white LEDs with tri-coloured RGB offer an adjustable light spectrum capable of replicating various wild aquatic environments
  • Multiple weather effects from the world's great natural fish habitats from stormy lighting to dense cloud cover
  • 24-hour customisable lighting schedule
  • Wider coverage illumination casts 120 degrees of light without any dead spots

Product Highlights:

Technical Information:

Height39cm (113cm inc. Cabinet)
Volume123 litres
Filter Flow Rate770 lph
Lighting21w LED Bluetooth

These are additional items that can be used within the filter system, aimed at targeted filtration that your tank may require:

These provide a direct and instant boost to your tank, which is especially helpful when newly stocked, if over-stocked, or if you are keeping larger fish that may be making more waste than smaller fish, ensuring the tank can cope effectively.

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