Hikari Oranda Gold Mini

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Hikari Oranda Gold Mini brings the colour back in to your aquatic life by promoting the natural vibrancy of the goldfish colours, while helping to reduce cloudy water and promoting exceptional growth


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Product Information

Hikari Oranda Gold Mini is a tasty food for exotic goldfish of all kinds.

The special formulated blend is designed to promote beautiful colour and growth which you would usually only get from a live diet. To reinforce this, Hikari use a bio-technology that helps colouration in indoor fish, even without natural UV exposure.

Each mini floating pellet contains a high level of protein, perfect for goldfish. Vitamin C is also added which supports a healthy immune system and therefore resistance to stress and disease.

As the pellets float, you can easily monitor how much your fish eat, and it makes it easy to remove any leftovers which can cause water pollution.

Pellet size 2.8mm.

Available in 100g and 300g bags.

Feeding Instructions:

Simply feed little and often, removing all uneaten food after around 5 minutes.



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