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  • Antibacterial fish remedy
  • All-natural, extracted from tea trees
  • Rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers, and open wounds
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What is API Melafix?

API Melafix fish remedy is an all-natural antibacterial treatment that combats common bacterial infections in aquarium water. The remedy is designed to treat infections in fish, including open wounds, mouth fungus, tail rot, eye cloud, red sores, body slime and dropsy as well as to help new fish entering your aquarium. This treatment is suitable for use in both a freshwater aquarium and a marine or saltwater aquarium as it won't affect the biological filter, pH level or even water colour.

Will Melafix hurt healthy fish?

Melafix fish remedy uses natural tea tree oils to treat infections in fish, this oil won't adversely affect healthy fish within your aquarium. It can also be used in conjunction with other API fish remedies, such as API Primafix which is used to treat internal infections and fungus conditions in fish. If you need to isolate a fish for wound treatment, a bad case of tail rot, eye cloud or mouth fungus, pay attention to the size of the quarantine tank as you will need to adjust the dose of Melafix accordingly.

How do I use this API Melafix fish remedy?

This API Melafix fish remedy is used the same way in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, simply add 5ml for every 45L of water in your aquarium. Dose daily when treating wounds and diseases then perform a 25% water change after the treatment. When adding fish, treat daily for 3 days.



Brand API
Dosage 5ml per 45 litres of aquarium water


Product Volume
Melafix 473ml 473ml
Melafix 237ml 237ml
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