Hikari Tropical Discus Bio Gold

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Discus and other tropical fish require a high protein diet like Hikari Tropical Discus Bio Gold food to really thrive and get the best out of their aquatic life, rewarding you with more beautiful colours and behaviour.


  • Tropical Discus Bio Gold 80g
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Product Information

Hikari Tropical Discus Bio Gold pellets contain just the right food for Discus and tropical fish that need a high protein diet.

The worm shaped pellets replicate the natural food that these fish would eat. The food retain its shape as they sink slowly towards the floor of the tank promoting natural feeding habits.

Protein packed, each pellet supports rapid growth and weight gain for healthy, active fish that glow with health. A safe and odour free beef heart replacement is used for optimum results. Key ingredients also include krill and silkworm pupae to encourage a healthy appetite, even in fussy feeders.

The pellet diameter measures approximately 3.5 - 4.0mm

Feeding Instructions:

Feed twice per day. Feed a small amount and remove any excess food. It can be beneficial to turn down the water flow when feeding.

Key Features:

  • Sinking pellet
  • Accelerates growth and rapid weight gain
  • Boosted colours
  • Contains safe and odour free beef heart replacement
  • Low waste

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    Hikari Tropical Discus 80g
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