JBL Algae Magnet

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This JBL Algae Magnet makes cleaning the inside of your aquarium glass easy, without even getting your hand's wet! Just apply one to each side of the tank and move to scrub where the algae is at it's worst.


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Product Information

The JBL Algae Magnets are magnetic glass cleaners available in various sizes.

Glass is cleaned easily, simply attach the magnets and move the outer magnet via the sturdy shaped grip.

The strong inner magnet has a cleaning pad which cleans stubborn alage and other dirt from the inside of the glass. JBL magnets are not only strong and durable, they are also very gentle and will not scratch the surface.

However this item is not suitable for use on acrylic or plastic tanks. One supplied.

  • Small: Magnet size 6cm. Suitable for glass thickness 6mm
  • Medium: Magnet size: 11cm. Suitable for glass thickness 10mm


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