JBL Aquarium Cleaning Glove

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This JBL Aquarium Cleaning Glove features an abrasive texture to allow better and more precise cleaning using your fingers to guide the microbrushes, making for a more exact clean in your aquarium.


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Product Information

Clean your aquarium quickly, easily and precisely with the JBL Aquarium Cleaning Glove.

Simply pop the textured glove on to clean the most awkward spaces. It can reach in to the smallest recesses in your aquarium and around equipment that could be missed by other cleaning methods.

This means that even pumps and other technical kit can be cleaned easily. Algae is easily shifted from plants and other d├ęcor leaving a beautifully clean tank with little effort.

The Aquarium Cleaning Glove is great for aquascapers. It allows the designer to clean stones and other features easily without disturbing the whole scene.

One supplied.

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    Date 05/12/2017 22:12pm
    JBL Aquarium Cleaning Glove
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    It really good to get rid of algae