JBL Floaty Magnetic Algae Cleaners

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These JBL Floaty Magnetic Algae Cleaners are the easy way to clean the inside of your aquarium glass without getting your hands wet. Available in 3 sizes depending on the scale of the job, they can be found at the best prices here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

The JBL Floaty Magnetic Algae Cleaners are available in three sizes for a range of aquariums.

These sturdy magnetic cleaners are a great addition to any tank, and will keep your aquarium in great shape.

The inner part has a flat extension which can fit behind pipes and heaters for a thorough clean. It's extremely light weight yet has a superior magnetic pull, which means you can quickly and easily scrub away troublesome algae and other dirt.

If the inner part accidentally becomes loose, you don't need to get your hands wet. It will float to the surface, making it easier to remove it. This also means that there is less of a chance of gravel catching on the cleaning pad and scratching the glass.

The seams of the cleaning section are angled to protect them from wear, which means that the Floaty Magnetic Cleaners will last much longer.

Magnet SizeMax Glass ThicknessMagnet Length
Floaty Magnet Small6mm8cm
Floaty Magnet Medium10mm12cm
Floaty Magnet Large15mm12cm

: As in case of all magnetic cleaners, if the inner section comes in contact with the gravel of the aquarium, sand particles may be picked up which can scratch the panes of glass.

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 04/12/2020 10:12am
    JBL Floaty Magnet Small
    Feefo Logo
    Works well but does require several passes to clean the glass.
  • Rating
    Date 14/11/2018 11:11am
    JBL Floaty Magnet Small
    Feefo Logo
    Well made and does the job. Not much more to say.
  • Rating
    Date 06/03/2018 07:03am
    JBL Floaty Magnet Medium
    Feefo Logo
    Third one I’ve bought, like them.
  • Rating
    Date 06/09/2015 09:09am
    JBL Floaty Magnet Medium
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  • Rating
    Date 29/04/2015 14:04pm
    JBL Floaty Magnet Small
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    Better than expected,pricier than others on the market but well worth the price and easy to use,would highly recommend
  • Rating
    Date 29/04/2015 05:04am
    JBL Floaty Magnet Medium
    Feefo Logo
    Good value thanks