Oase Aquarius Universal Impeller

A key replacement part for the Aquarius Universal pump

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  • Replacement impeller for the Aquarius Universal range
  • Designed for easy installation and removal
  • A wide range of impellers to suit all Aquarius Universal models
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What is an Oase Aquarius Universal Impeller?

The Oase Aquarius Universal Impeller range is designed to replace the impeller in your Oase Aquarius Universal pump. The impeller is made by Oase and is an exact match for the impeller in your pump, ensuring the same world-class performance.

Key Features:

  • Exact replacement impeller for Oase Aquarius Classic or Oase Universal Premium Eco
  • Wide range to suit every model in the range
  • Great quality replacement for a worn down impeller
  • Simple to install

How do I find the right impeller for my Oase pond pump?

Find your Oase Aquarius Classic or Oase Universal Premium Eco model in our Oase range and order the associated impeller part number to ensure you get the right impeller for your Oase pump.

How do I replace the impeller on my Oase Aquarius Classic or Oase Universal Premium Eco?

Both Oase ranges have easy to replace impellers. Simply remove any outer casings and seals to reveal the impeller housing chamber. Twist and remove the old impeller, this may take some force as the impeller is magnetised. Carefully insert your new impeller, protecting the ceramic impeller shaft within it. Replace any seals or casing and your Oase pump should be ready for action in your pond.

Why do I need to replace my impeller?

Impellers are worn down over time in your pond by friction, like tyres on a car. To ensure your Oase pond pump is working at its absolute best we recommend checking the impeller a few times each year and replacing it if it looks worn down.



Material Plastic/magnet/ceramic
Colour Grey/black


Suitable for Model
Universal Classic 600 Pond Pump 26192
Universal Classic 1000 Pond Pump 26193
Universal Classic 1500 Pond Pump 26194
Universal Classic 2000 Pond Pump 26195
Universal Premium 3000 Eco Pond Pump 35801
Universal Premium 4000 Eco Pond Pump 35802
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