Rowa Phos

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RowaPhos can be used in your aquarium filter to reduce levels of phosphates that would otherwise feed your unwanted algae.


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  • Phos 250ml
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  • Phos 500ml
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Product Information

Remove phosphates and promote plant and coral growth with this treatment. Best price guaranteed and fast, free delivery from Swell UK.

RowaPhos is a great filter media that will rid your aquarium of phosphates, traces of arsenic and other unwanted elements. Phosphates and nitrates especially are key causes of algae growth, which can be a real nuisance.

Corals can suffer too, as a high level of phosphates can reduce the amount of strontium which corals calcify for healthy skeleton growth.

Unlike many similar treatments, RowaPhos is chemically engineered to remove phosphates and other pollutants, it has been found to work much better than more natural, iron based treatments.

Good tank maintenance is also key to keeping algae growth to a minimum. Waste food, fish and plant waste will produce ammonia and phosphates very quickly. Remove uneaten food after a few minutes and keep the tank and filter as clean as possible.

Please note only the 100ml and 250ml tubs come with a net filter.

ProductWeightFreshwater AquariumSaltwater Aquarium
Rowa Phos 100ml 100g Treats 800 litres Treats 400 litres
Rowa Phos 250ml 250g Treats 2000 litresTreats 1000 litres
Rowa Phos 500ml 500g Treats 4000 litres Treats 2000 litres
Rowa Phos 1 litre 1.1kg Treats 8000 litres Treats 4000 litres
Rowa Phos 5 litre Bucket 5.4kg Treats 80000 litres Treats 40000 litres

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