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Reef Factory Dosing Pump

Highly flexible smart dosing aquarium pump designed for dosing essential minerals

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  • Multi Function Capabilities
  • Easily change dosages
  • Remote reliable operation via the Reef Smart app
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What is the Reef Factory Dosing Pump?

The Reef Factory Dosing Pump is an intelligent dosing solution designed to seamlessly integrate with the Smart Reef app. The primary function of the Reef Factory Dosing Pump device is to deliver vital minerals to your Aquarium. This includes Alkalinity, Calcium, and magnesium. Automatic dosing pumps are essential for maintaining the optimal environment in a marine aquarium.

Dosing pumps have come a long way, allowing modern technologies under the Reef Factory brand to challenge other brands. It is important for reek keepers to feel confident with their chosen Dosing Pump device, therefore giving you complete control over your fish tank.

How do you use the Reef Factory Dosing Pump?

With the power of remote management through the Smart Reef app, the Reef Factory Dosing Pump becomes a vital companion to your KH Keeper. When using the Reef Factory Dosing Pump, you can effortlessly modify and easily schedule the quantities, ensuring the stability of KH levels in your aquarium.


The Reef Factory Dosing Pump has flexible features, including a dose percentage change function.

  • Dose percentage change
  • Slow parameter change
  • Liquid level indicator with alerts for water treatments
  • Dosing history tracking
  • Dosing schedule
  • Manual dosing

The Smart Reef app allows you to control the dosing pump remotely, tending to specific requirements of your reef aquarium. Whether you need to increase or decrease the dosage of alkalinity based on the KH keeper's recommendations, this pump will seamlessly adjust its dosing regimen to help you achieve the desired end result.


  • Can run in operation with the KH Keeper
  • Single pump head
  • Recommended single dose: 0.3ml
Accuracy WiFi Compatible? Smart Reef App Compatible? Dimensions
+/- 0.01 dKh. Yes Yes 90x106x210mm
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