Reef Factory pH Meter

A device that monitors the pH level in your marine aquarium

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  • Delivers on numerous improvements in aquarium management
  • Allows for the automation of various equipment used within a Marine Aquarium
  • Includes a high quality probe designed for continuous operation.
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What is the Reef Factory pH Meter?

The Reef Factory pH Meter is an innovative device designed to continuously monitor the pH level in your marine aquarium. Utilising a computer, tablet, or smartphone, users have the convenience of checking the pH level in their aquarium at any given moment. Modern technologies have come a long way, allowing for a product that successfully monitors the pH level in your aquarium. Automation makes maintaining your aquarium easier by utilising the smart reef system.

How do I use the Reef Factory pH Meter?

Once installed, when the Reef Factory pH Meter detects a pH value that falls outside the predetermined specified range, users will receive prompt notifications. With its precision, superior quality, and state-of-the-art technology, the pH meter stands as an unparalleled device available on the market. Monitoring pH levels has never been easier.

The Reef Factory pH Meter has a built-in Wi-Fi module that enables remote access from any location worldwide. This allows the user to monitor the pH level at any time using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If the pH value goes beyond the range specified by the user, an instant notification will be received. The set includes a durable probe specifically designed for continuous operation.

Product Dimensions Power Consumption
63 x 36 x 15mm 3w
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