Seneye USB Power Adaptor

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Keep your Seneye water monitoring system charged and ready using this USB power adapter, meaning you can charge it from the mains like your mobile phone rather than from your computer's USB connection.


  • USB Power Adaptor
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Product Information

The Seneye USB Power Adaptor allows you to charge your Seneye device without the need of a computer connection, whilst also saving information for later use.

This handy unit will store results every hour, simply connect to the pc when you are home to upload all of the information. The Power Adaptor plugs directly into your Seneye device's USB cable or USB Active Extension.

The USB power adaptor plug fits directly into device to provide use of the device in an offline mode and is designed to be used with either the Seneye Home, Seneye Reef or Seneye Pond.

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