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Seneye Replacement Slides

Upgrade your Seneye and protect your fish from toxins

At a glance...
  • Disposable Seneye+ slides for pH and NH3 monitoring
  • Adds additional functionality to your Seneye
  • Each pack contains 3 slides which each last for 30 days
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Everyone should test their water to ensure fish remain healthy, but we just don't. The Seneye+ slide is a very simple way of continually testing the water for safe levels of NH3 and pH. It does this without you having to handle nasty chemicals or take time out of a busy day. It's like a digital test kit, busy working away testing and recording each life critical parameters 1440 times a month, then alerting you if something is wrong.

Seneye+ is not a subscription you can choose to use a slide when you want. We would suggest you use a slide that when you; add more fish, go on holiday, keep high value stock or are changing your aquarium system. Each Seneye+ pack includes 3x disposable Seneye slide enough for a quarter of a year. Activating your Seneye+ is really easy and the disposable slide removes the need for recalibration.

Seneye analyses your water every 3 minutes and alerts you if something is wrong. Activating a new Seneye slide every 30 days removes the need for time consuming and costly manual testing, or error ridden calibrating. An active slide also enables the device to send out alerts via SMS along side the email alerts.

Key features:

  • Saves your investment in fish and in vertebrates
  • Works day and night to test your water
  • SMS when things goes wrong
  • Records 1500 monthly readings of pH and NH3
  • No complex recalibrating
  • Aquarium advice and help

Pack contents:

  • 3x Seneye pH and HS slides
  • Postal mail packaging
  • Or A7 size Point of Sale (POS) pack
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