Swell Turtle Internal Filter

A filter specially designed for shallow turtle tanks

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  • Designed for shallow aquariums up to 120L
  • Attractive waterfall-style outflow
  • Three-stage filtration: mechanical, biological and chemical
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What is this Swell Turtle Internal Filter?

This Swell Turtle Internal Filter is an easy-to-install filter that's been designed to be used in shallow aquariums, like those used to keep turtles. Its outer shell is made of plastic, while its inner axle cores and casings are constructed from durable stainless steel. It's also quite punchy, capable of filtering aquariums up to 120L with a max flow rate of 400L/H.

Inside the main body of the filter there's a 7.5 x 0.5 x 13.5cm cartridge that offers mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The cartridge is covered in a coarse sponge that can trap small debris and provide a perfect home for a large colony of beneficial bacteria. There's also a small amount of carbon encased within this sponge, which helps to absorb impurities and remove toxins from your water column.

This Swell Turtle Internal Filter comes preassembled, though it does include an optional intake attachment that can be covered in a cylindrical sponge. This sponge includes the mechanical and biological filtration capacity of your filter, as well as protects any small fish or shrimp from being sucked up by the pump. You can increase this filter's mechanical and biological filtration capacity even further by filling the filter chamber with more sponges and/or biological media.

How do I set up and maintain this Swell Turtle Internal Filter?

This Swell Turtle Internal Filter is quick and easy to install. To set it up, use the suction cups on the back of the filter to attach it to an inside surface of your aquarium. Make sure that the top of the filter pokes above the water line while the intake sits below. You can also use the hanging attachment provided to hang the filter from the ridge of your aquarium.

You're then ready to turn on your Swell Turtle Internal Filter. You may hear a gurgle before water starts falling from the outflow, that's just the filter chamber filling with water. If this gurgling sound continues for more than a few seconds, and water isn't falling, then give your filter a little shake to try and kickstart the process.

With your filter up and running, all that's left to worry about is keeping it clean. This Swell Turtle Internal Filter is incredibly easy to clean - just unplug it, remove it from your aquarium and take the cartridge out of the filter chamber. You can then rinse your cartridge with dechlorinated water, or replace it if its too dirty.

What does a filter do? And what kind of filter do I need for my tank?

A filter is an essential piece of equipment for all aquariums. They do a lot of the heavy lifting in your underwater ecosystem, removing waste from your water column while also providing a home for a large colony of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria breaks down the waste picked up by the filter and, in doing so, keeps your water clean.

There are many different types of filters. Some, like this Swell Turtle Internal Filter, are specially designed for shallow turtle tanks. If you have a deeper tank, an internal filter may be more suitable for you. And if you have a large and deep tank, be sure to check out our range of external filters.


Product Specifications

Product Tank Size Max Flow Rate Dimensions Watts Plug Length Outflow Style
Swell Turtle Internal Filter 120L 400L/H 7 x 5.5 x 20cm 5 132cm Waterfall
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