Swell Limpopo Black Sand

Aquarium sand that mimics the riverbed of the Limpopo River

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  • Authentic looking black aquarium sand
  • Grains of around 1-2mm in size
  • Pre washed and inert - won't affect your water pH
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A good product. This sand hardly needed any rinsing and it looks really nice in the tank.
97 % of 100

What is Swell Limpopo Black Sand?

Swell Limpopo Black Sand is a rich black sand that creates a beautiful, natural look in your aquarium. From our substrate supplier Unipac, Limpopo black sand features earthy tones that echo the river bed of the Limpopo River in Africa and will give a freshwater aquarium a very authentic look. Like all our sand, this versatile gravel is inert and free from dust and dyes, ensuring that the pH balance of your aquarium will not be affected. However, we do recommend rinsing the black Limpopo sand to ensure that all small particles are removed. 

Is black sand good for aquariums?

The majority of cold water aquariums use white or black sand as these look natural and tidy, unlike grey and brown sand which can be quite muddy in appearance. Black sand has many benefits over white sand however as the colour helps to provide contrast within your tank, making fish and aquatic ornaments stand out and allowing their colours to pop.

Is this sand right for my aquarium?

This sand is unreactive and chemically stable with a 1mm-1.2mm grain size, making it a good choice for all aquarium types. While the sand has been designed for tropical aquariums that are emulating African habitats, it will suit any fish and environment. If you intend on keeping plants, you may want to consider mixing in a planting substrate as there are few nutrients in the Limpopo substrate. While we sell Limpopo sand to be used in aquariums, it can also be used as a substrate in gardens and house plants or even arts and crafts.



Brand Swell
Grain size 1-2mm


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PNSB02H 2kg
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