Swell Oase Biotec 12, 18 & 36 Foams

Replacement filter foams for the Oase Biotec 12, 18 and 36

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  • Replacement foams
  • Compatible with the Oase Biotec 12, 18 and 36
  • Fine, medium and coarse grade foams available
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Swell replacement foams are perfectly compatible with the Oase Biotec pond filter.

The foams are available for the Biotec 12 or the 18/36 and are available in Fine, Medium and Coarse foams. As the water passes through the filter foams, each grade removes various sizes of grime and waste to fully cleanse the water.

The Oase Biomatic filters are designed to provide superb filtration for ponds up to a huge 140,000 without fish. A series of filter media and a built-in screen strain large particles of waste, grime and dirt from the water, prolonging the life of the unit and maintaining a cleaner, healthier pond.

Our own branded products are made to the same high standard as other leading brands and compare more than favourably. As always they are available at a discounted price, every day - so you can be confident of a great product at a great price.

1 foam supplied. For a set of 3 foams, order one of each type - coarse, medium and fine.

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