Swell Pressure Pipe 45 Deg Bends

Create high-pressure bends and turns

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  • Pressure pipe 45-degree bend for pond plumbing
  • Designed to work with the Swell Pressure Pipe range
  • A range of sizes to choose between
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Swells grey solvent pressure pipe 45 degree bends are ideal for use when creating a watertight set up in your garden. PVC pressure pipework is lightweight yet strong and cost effective option when it comes to building a pond and there is no risk of corrosion or sun damage. These 45 degree bend are used to connect pipework of the same diameter such as, PVC pressure pipe. Available in 3 different size options.

Apply solvent cement evenly to both surfaces of the joint, insert pipe fully into the socket depth and remove surplus cement with a cloth. Allow five minutes to set before handling and twelve hours before testing the system.

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