Swell Stainless Steel Hose Clips

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More secure than standard wire clips, these Swell Stainless Steel Hose Clips make short and secure work of ensuring water tight seals in your garden watercourse, ensuring you don't lose any of your pond water during the filtration process.


  • 12mm(1/2in) Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla101 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • 20mm(3/4in) Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla103 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • 25mm(1in) Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla111 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • 32mm(11/4in) Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla104 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • 40mm(11/2in) Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla112 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • 50mm - 70mm Stainless Hose Clip
    code: Cla222 In Stock (10+ Available)

Product Information

Stainless Steel hose clips are available from Swell UK at discount prices.

Available in a variety of sizes for all your gardening needs, these robust hose clips ensure that your hose pipe is firmly secure. Simply slide over the hose and tighten to secure the connection.

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