Tetra Pond Multi Mix

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Tetra Pond Multi Mix is a complete food mix comprising four food types that meet the needs and eating habits of different species of pond fish. For energy, vitality and to support a strong immune system. The Multi Mix fish food is both floating and sinking.


  • Pond Multi Mix 170g (1 Litre)
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  • Pond Multi Mix 760g (4 Litres)
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  • Pond Multi Mix 1900g (10 Litres)
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Product Information

Tetra Pond Multi Mix is suitable for all pond fish and contains the very best flakes, wafers, sticks and gammarus shrimp. This high quality fish food contains flakes that are suitable for smaller fish. The floating food sticks and where the floating part comes in and therefore serves the fish that are more inclined to eat from the pond surface. The opposite to the pond surface feeders, you also have bottom-dwelling fish, the sinking wafers are suitable for them.

The mixed shapes and variety means that the fish get a varied and fore filling diet.

Key Features:

  • Food mix comprising four types of food for different species of pond fish
  • High quality flakes for young and small fish
  • Floating sticks for fish that like to eat at the pond surface
  • Sinking wafers for bottom-dwelling pond fish
  • Floating and Sinking food
  • Suitable for all pond fish
  • Protein 41%

Feeding Guide:

Feed Tetra Pond Multi Mix 2-3 times a day (depending on the temperature), feeding only as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes. Below 10°C, stop feeding Tetra Pond Sticks and switch to Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 30/04/2020 05:04am
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix 1900g (10 Litres)
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    Pond food good value. A little disappointed in the feeding ring as it should have been a larger diameter and to restricted by internal construction resulting in food laying on top of the centre part . I will have to continue to use the hose pipe both ends joined together to form a circle.
  • Rating
    Date 27/04/2020 10:04am
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix 760g (4 Litres)
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    Fish are not enthusiastic about the new food
  • Rating
    Date 17/04/2020 08:04am
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix 170g (1 Litre)
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    A good mix of flake and other goodies. My fish all love it
  • Rating
    Date 31/03/2020 08:03am
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix 170g (1 Litre)
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    The product is exactly what I expected
  • Rating
    Date 27/03/2020 11:03am
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix 170g (1 Litre)
    Feefo Logo
    Good mix of food. Easy to use.