TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer

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A popular choice for keepers of small or nano aquariums, this TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer can handle the surface waste of tanks up to around 120 litres in size, keeping your surface protein levels low as well as debris and toxins.


  • V2 Skim 120 Nano
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Product Information

The TMC V2 Skim 120 is ideal for a nano or smaller aquarium as it is designed to use in tanks up to 120 litres.

It is incredibly compact and slim line, and can easily in to a small aquariums. It includes mounting brackets which make it very easy to install. As you would expect from TMC, the unit is made to the highest standard from quality materials which are both durable and well finished.

Using an efficient injection system, the V2 creates the optimum amount of miniscule bubbles which make sure or the best possible contact with proteins and toxins. They are then carried with the stream of bubbles to the surface for removal.

Simply remove the collection cup and clean to keep your protein skimmer working at the best possible rate.

The V2 has an easily adjustable water level adjuster, this helps to keep the unit running at the optimum flow.

It comes complete with a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind.

Product Specification

Product Volume
TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano 126ltr/26gal

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