Velda Fish Feeder Basic

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With this automatic feeder, you are in possession of a sophisticated and advanced feeding system for the pond. Whether it is a decorative pond with goldfish or a special pond with koi carp, all types of fish will benefit from sufficient and regular feedings.


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Product Information

In the pond, excessive amounts of feed can lead to indigestion and pollution of the environment. A healthy fish population with constant growth will be obtained by feeding measured amounts of feed several times a day. Especially during holiday periods and in poor weather conditions, the fish will be 'forgotten' at times. With the Fish Feeder Basic this problem is solved. Velda has specially developed this feeding device to ensure the feedings in measured amounts multiple times per day. During holidays, but also in bad weather, your fish are daily assured of regular feedings with consistent amounts. As all the feed will be eaten, the pond environment will not become extra polluted and your fish will stay healthy. Certainly for ornamental carp lovers, a sophisticated feeding of these fish is important for obtaining an optimal range of colouring and a constant growth. The The upper part of the container is transparent, so that the feed level inside the container remains visible. The settings for the feeding times and doses are preserved even after a mains interruption.

Key Features:

  • Programme to feed up to 8 times a day
  • Approximately 2.5L capacity
  • Keeps food free from moisture
  • Can dispense pellet or grain 3-6mm
  • Digital splash proof LCD display
  • user-friendliness
ProductFood CapacityGuaranteeCable length
Fish Feeder Basic2.5L2 year5m

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