Swell In Pond Filter UVC 3000

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An all in one unit, the Swell In Pond Filter UVC 3000 filters your water, kills algae with UV and then sends that clean water up to a fountain on the top - 3 in one unit, at an unbeatable price.


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Product Information

Swell's own In-Pond Filter is a compact, underwater filter that comes with a FREE fountain attachment containing four fountain effects, designed to give you an affordable option but crystal clear water and beautiful fountain displays in even the smallest ponds. The powerful filter is suitable for ponds of up to 3000 litres (without fish) and comes complete with a compact UV clarifier of 7watts (bulb included) to ensure a green free pond.

The filter boasts a bio-mechanical filtration system, made up of specially designed sponge, bio-surface elements and Bio-Pure filter media, all designed to capture and break down the biological matter in your pond that clouds the water and makes it unhealthy for any fish. All the media is included, and replacements are available to order at Swell UK.

Each Swell In-Pond Filter features an adjustable outlet for direction to any watercourses and comes complete with three stepped hose tails of ½", ¾"and 1".

Key Features:

  • Compact design with added option of four fountain attachments.
  • Bio-mechanical filtration system, media included.
  • Telescopic adjustable attachment.
  • Second adjustable outlet for routing to a further watercourse.
  • Stepped hose tails included.
  • Complete with 10m of cable.

Technical Information:

  • Flow rate: 1500 lph Qmax.
  • Pressure: 1.9m
  • 20 watts
  • 7w UVC bulb included

Product Specification

Product Max Pond Size UV Wattage Outlet Pipe Size Max LPH
Swell In Pond UVC Filter 3000 3000 litres (no fish) 7w 12mm, 19mm, 25mm 1500

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