Swell Pressurised Filter and Pump Sets

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Get the benefit of a Pressurised Filter and Pump Set in your garden pond for less by opting for our own Swell branded kits. With a perfectly matched pump to each filter, this kit represents amazing value for money and can deliver the same performance as many other leading manufacturers.


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Product Information

Incredible value straight-out-of-the-box pump and filter sets from Swell UK.

Swell's range of pressurised pond filters provide high end, easy-to-maintain pond filtration and include a matched pump, hose and clips for ease of purchase.

With no need to buy any additional equipment, these in-one-box filtration sets come with everything you need to clarify your pond water and maintain the health of your fish.

The simple to operate pump handle cleaning mechanism allows the user to easily remove filtered waste without removing the filter lid, and without handling the filter media directly. This ensures that the media remains intact and healthy, and avoids all the mess usually involve din filter maintenance.

The filter includes a built in UVC clarifier to combat green water, and all necessary bio- and mechanical media, so no additional material is required. The included, matched pump is one of our high efficiency solids handling models, able to deal with solid and particulate waste up to 4mm in size. The max. combined head of 1m should not be exceeded, but to maintain optimum filtration a max. head of 50cm is recommended.

Each set includes a filter, pump, all connections, clips and hosetails, along with 5m of flexible pond hose.

Swell Pressure Filter Set 5000 - Pressurised 5000 filter with 7watt UV clarifier, 1500 l/hour pump (25watts), and 5m of 19mm pond hose. Hose connections available - filter: 19/25/32/40mm, pump: 12/19/25mm.

Max pond size 5000 litres (no fish), 2000 litres (with goldfish/native breeds, normal stocking), not recommended for use with Koi ponds.

Filter Dimensions:

  • Set 5000 - 170mm (dia. base) x 240mm (dia. top) x 340mm (height)

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 28/04/2015 13:04pm
    Swell Pressurised Filter and Pump Set 5000
    Feefo Logo
    So far, it is working very well (2nd day). Seems to be well made and rugged. I just wish the supplied pipe was more flexible.
  • Rating
    Date 15/11/2014 09:11am
    Swell Pressurised Filter and Pump Set 5000
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    Thought it might not cope with cleaning my pond as it was exceptionally green,it is now clear as a bell and the fish are now clearly seen right down to the bottom. Excellent kit.
  • Rating
    Date 14/11/2014 17:11pm
    Swell Pressurised Filter and Pump Set 5000
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    Pump and filter box are fine, but supplied convoluted hose far to stiff to bend to shape or let pump settle on bottom of pond.
  • Rating
    Date 10/09/2015 18:09pm
    Swell Pressurised Filter and Pump Set 5000
    Feefo Logo
    Pond filter was simple to set up, and all the required bits were included, like hose clips. Pond water is clearer after a couple of days.