Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Control Fountain Set

Create a head-turning water fountain

At a glance...
  • Solar fountain set with two solar panels, garden spikes and nozzle heads
  • Reaches heights of up to 1.8m and a max flow rate of 1600 lph
  • 2-year guarantee
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What is the Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Control?

The Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Control is a large solar fountain pump suitable for medium-sized ponds and water features. As the most powerful fountain pump in the PondoSolar range, the 20W PondoSolar 1600 solar fountain pump creates spectacular displays in a variety of water patterns reaching heights of up to 1.8m and a maximum flow rate of 1600lph.

Key Features:

  • 1600lph max flow rate
  • Simple to set up
  • 1.8m max fountain height
  • 2 year guarantee

Why should I buy a Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Control Fountain Set?

If you want to create attractive fountains without the need for complex wiring and maintenance the Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Control Fountain Set is the perfect solar fountain for you.

What is the maximum fountain height of the Pontec PondoSolar 1600 solar fountain set?

The Pontec PondoSolar 1600 solar fountain set produces a maximum fountain height of 1.8m depending on the amount of sunlight the solar panel receives, which nozzle heads you use and the water patterns you are trying to create.

How do I make a solar fountain?

The Pontec PondoSolar 1600 Solar Fountain Set is designed for easy installation. Just plant the two solar panels in the sun using the included garden stakes. Connect the panels with the wire provided and then hook them up to the pump with the included 5m connection cable. Place the fountain pump in your pond or water feature wherever you would like your fountain to be, attach one of the nozzle heads and you're all set.



Cable length 5m
Guarantee 2 years
Maximum fountain height 1.8m
Power 20W
Max flow rate 1,600lph
Battery backup? No
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