Aqua One Filter Wool Coarse

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Aqua One Filter Wool is ideal to pair alongside the rest of the Aqua One loose media, as it can be cut to the perfect shape to suit your filter, whatever the brand or type that it might be, including hang-on filters, canister filters, or trickle systems, whatever you need!


  • Filter Wool Coarse 70 x 24cm Bag
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Product Information

This Filter Wool comes in a bag that is 70cm x 24cm, and can be simply cut to the correct size that you need, meaning one bag will last for quite a while! Filter Wool is a high quality very fine tight structure, and is perfect for removing particles and impurities from the water, even very small ones. This can be used continuously, or just added as required, say after new gravel is added, or disturbed, and there are very fine particles within the tank.

For best results, use alongside AdvanceCarb Activated Carbon, to remove any harmful ammonia.

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