Aqua One CarboPad Self Cut Filter Foam Pad

A high-quality, versatile carbon filter media

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  • Self-cut carbon sponge for all aquarium filters
  • A filter media suitable for all filters
  • Carbon purifies water, improving clarity
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This CarboPad Self Cut filter sponge is ideal to add a layer of carbon into your filtration. This measures at 25.4cm x 45.7cm, so provides plenty of surface area to suit most filter systems, and you may get several pieces for smaller filters.

Carbon Sponges are a great addition to filtration, as they aid in the removal of toxins, and help to purify your aquarium water, as well as acting as a physical barrier against free-floating waste or debris, such as uneaten food.

This CarboPad is suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine use, just cut how you need!

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