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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

At a glance...
  • Stylish LED pendant aquarium light
  • Bright and energy-efficient
  • Inlcudes mounting bracket and plug
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Small but very bright and easy to set up!

What are the features of the Aqua One Pendant 25 Light?

Aqua One Pendant 25 Light is a hanging silver light unit for fish tanks that provides excellent lighting for all aquatic life and brings out the natural colours of your fish and ornaments. The Aqua One 25 Light offers a pendant design and an on/off switch for easy operation, plus a bright LED that is energy-efficient.

Is installing this aquarium light easy?

Setting up the Aqua One Pendant 25 Light is simple. A mounting bracket is included to fit the light to the back of your aquarium. Once you have fit the light in place, tighten the mounting screws while taking care not to overtighten them. Then simply, turn the light on via the switch.

What are the benefits of aquarium lighting?

Light is essential for the health of all the life in your aquarium. Even with the best treatments and food, corals cannot survive in the absence of adequate light. Light is required for photosynthesis to occur in planted tanks. Plants will not thrive or grow if it is not present. Even fish require the natural rhythm that light creates in order to know when to rest or become more active; without it, they become stressed, which can lead to disease.

Wattage 3W LED
Colour Silver
Plug Yes
Mounting bracket Yes
On/off button Yes
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