Coldwater Fish Food

Coldwater Fish Food Help and Advice

Allow your fish to flourish and thrive

The most common coldwater fish species are goldfish. They can make delightful pets, are easy to care for and are suitable for a community aquarium. At Swell, we have a wealth of fish food suitable for fish in a coldwater tank from leading brands like Hikari, Tetra and Interpet.

What is coldwater fish food?

Although goldfish are often the first fishes that spring to mind for unheated aquaria, there's a surprisingly large selection of species that coldwater fish food is suitable for like Lionhead, Oranda, Ryukin and more. Coldwater fish food is food made from flakes, pellets and granules that all help to keep your fish happy and healthy which in turn enhances their colours.

Why might I buy coldwater fish food?

Coldwater fish food is vitamin-enriched, brings out the natural colours of goldfish and is highly digestible, resulting in low waste levels. A biologically balanced diet ensures fish remain healthy and active so incorporating key nutritional ingredients, a blend of algae and minerals allows your fish to maintain good health.

What are the main types of coldwater fish food?

Different fish have different needs, surface feeders for example some will prefer flakes and floating pellets while mid-water feeders like granules or slow sinking foods. Bottom feeders such as Catfish will prefer food that sinks quickly, so that they can pick it up from the gravel. Remember that any food left uneaten at the bottom of the aquarium can pollute your tank, so avoid overfeeding and try to take out any leftovers.

What accessories will I need?

Don't forget that overfeeding your fish could cause all sorts of health problems - a small amount twice a day should be enough. It can be a good idea to use a gravel cleaner to remove any waste and leftover food from the substrate.