Freshwater Aquarium Additives

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Freshwater Aquarium Additives Treatments Help and Advice

Maintain ideal water parameters for freshwater aquariums

At Swell UK, our selection of freshwater aquarium additives includes fundamental products including chlorine neutralizers, ammonia removers, and beneficial bacterial additives. Find top brands like Aqua Source, Dr Tim's and more all great for hobbyists pursuing freshwater planted aquariums.

What are freshwater aquarium additives?

Freshwater aquarium additives are designed to keep freshwater aquariums at their most healthy. We all love beautiful aquariums and any aquarist knows that the key to this is keeping the tank healthy, right down to the optimum chemical balances that allow fish to live and keep the water clean.

Why might I buy freshwater aquarium additives?

Aquarium treatments are required from time to time to deal with various fish ailments, and like most things, the sooner the problem is addressed, the more likely it is to achieve a successful course of treatment and get your fish well again.

What are the main types of freshwater aquarium additives?

We carry a range of additives that are all designed to perform various positive functions to improve the health of your tank. There are aquarium cleaners to help you get rid of algae, reef food for beautiful blooming reefs and water treatments to make tap water safe for your fish.

What features to look out for?

It is important to know the volume of water in your aquarium so the correct amount of aquarium treatment can be added.

What accessories should I buy with freshwater aquarium additives?

Aquarium treatments and additives are needed for all types of aquariums, to maintain a healthy balance. Aquarium additives help keep balance, and this is why testing the aquarium water is so important, as it is the testing that will indicate what the water parameters are and allow you to make any adjustments with the appropriate additives when necessary.