BiOrb Service Kits

Service kit to make your monthly clean even easier than ever

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  • Service kit to help keep your BiOrb aquarium clean
  • Suitable for all BiOrb aquariums
  • Includes a new filter cartridge, a cleaning pad and water treatment sachet
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The biOrb Service Kit filter cartridge works like a waste bin, trapping dirt, once full it should be thrown away and replaced with a new one. This should be done every 1-2 months depending on the size of the aquarium and the number of fish kept.

A natural substrate in the cartridge polishes the water and removes impurities helping to keep the water clear between changes it has an active life of 8 weeks.

Simply unclip the old cartridge and fit a new one every 4-8 weeks, just like taking out the garbage. Service Kit eliminates the need to cut filter foam, deal with messy carbon and measure out doses of water treatment - simple.

Supplied in packs containing:

  • 1 new filter cartridge.
  • 1 cleaning pad.
  • 1 water treatment sachet.
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