Fish Mate Bio GUV Pond Filters

Guarantees crystal clear, healthy water in your pond

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  • Combined UVC and biological filter
  • Guarantees clear, healthy water
  • 3-year guarantee
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Fantastically affordable Fish Mate 2500 gravity pond filters have a combined UVC and biological filter, giving you everything you need to bring your pond water quality up to its best.

A combined approach, Fish Mate UV + Bio pond filters use UV clarification, mechanical and biological filtration to guarantee clear, healthy water with minimal maintenance from you.

Filtration Stages:

Stage 1: Algae destruction. By slowly passing the single celled algae in front of UVC light, the algae is forced to clump together, causing it to die out and purify your water. The clumps can then be removed by the filter media. The lamp is enhanced by an integral UV reflector, so as not to waste a drop of UV.

Stage 2: Mechanical Filtration. Specially developed for Fish Mate, filter sponge pads will capture algae clumps plus other large particles and are easily rinsed with pond water for regular maintenance.

Stage 3: Biological Purification. Post mechanical filtration, your pond water passes through Fish Mate SUPRA Biological Filter Medium, featuring over 100 times the biological surface area of conventional plastic media, meaning larger cultures of aerobic bacteria. The specific structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in the removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite in quicker times than ordinary media types.

The unit can be easily maintained, simply flip the hinged lid to access the media. Rinse out to clean off all grime and waste as needed. Simply clean in old pond water to retain the necessary bacterial cultures.

NOTE: the UV tube should be changed every 6 or 12 months, according to usage. Fishmate recommend changing the gasket every time the tube is changed - failure to do so may allow water into the electrics, thus invalidating your warranty.

Purchase your replacement foam here.

Key Features:

  • Guarantees crystal clear, healthy water in your pond
  • Flip up lid for easy maintenance
  • SUPRA Bio Media
  • Green filter box to help blend in with natural surroundings in your garden
  • Frostproof UV chamber
  • UV tubes positioned over the water, thus eliminating scaling issues, quartz tube replacement and frost damage associated with conventional UV clarifiers
  • Comes complete with UV bulb and filter media
  • High efficiency UV reflector
Product Guarantee UV Wattage Outlet pipe size Inlet pipe size Dimensions (Approx.) Max pond size (no fish) Max pond size (with fish, not koi)
Fish Mate 2500 GUV Pond Filter 3 years 8W 2 x 32mm 19 - 25mm L:38 x W:25 x H:18cm 2500ltrs 1250ltrs
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