Fish Mate Supra+ Biological Filter Medium

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Perfect for Fish Mate Pressurised pond filters, this Fish mate Supra+ Biological Filter Medium allows optimum growth of the bacteria that helps break down the ammonia and nitrates in your pond, allowing for a healthier water quality.


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Product Information

The Fish Mate Supra+ Biological Filter Medium is the replacement filter media for Fishmate pressurised filters. This advanced biological media has a large surface area for the optimal growth of bacterial cultures that breakdown nitrites and ammonia into relatively harmless nitrate. 

For the best results Fishmate recommend that half of the media should be replaced every 6 months. Only repalcing half at a time ensures that the healthy bacterial colonies are not fully destroyed and encourages it to spread to the new media. 

This media can also be used in aquarium filters. 

Key Features:

  • Fish Mate Supra+ Medium is a ceramic material with controlled porosity for optimal biological efficiency.
  • Suitable for all ponds and aquarium filter systems.
  • Bag contents 500 Grams (approx. 1 Litre).
  • Improves water quality for a healthier aquatic system.
  • This pack contains 2600 square foot biological surface

Product Specification

Product Size
Fish Mate Supra Biological Filter Medium 500g (approx. 0.8 ltr)

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