Fluval Value Media Pack

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These media packs work out as the very best in value from Fluval, and fit perfectly with their external filter range, providing you with all the Media you need. Also available in a Bio-Foam Value pack too!


  • 107 / 207 Value Media Pack
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  • 307 / 407 Value Media Pack
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Product Information

This one-stop shop for Fluval External Filter 07 Range Media is ideal to keep your external filter in the best condition - no hunting around to ensure you have the right sizes in all the right types, just grab the value pack with everything you need. This is also available in a Bio-Foam Value Pack too, so you know you've got everything you need! This Value Pack offers you a 6 month supply!

The Fluval Media Value Pack includes 3 components:

- Carbon: The black carbon offers chemical filtrations through the use of bituminous coal, which has optimal pore size for water filtration. This works by absorbing harmful toxins and removing odors or discolouration.

- Quick-Clear: The white pads that aid mechanical filtration by trapping micro particles and debris, meaning you have sparkling clear water. This is ideal for cloudy aquariums, or when you've disturbed the gravel.

- Phosphate Remover: The green pad is part of the chemical filtration, removing phosphates to improve water quality and reduce algae growth.

This Value Pack is available in 2 sizes, suitable for the External Filters 07 Range, just choose the right one for you! Grab your Bio-Foam Value Pack here too.

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