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  • Easy species of mollusc to keep
  • Will feed on the algae in your aquarium
  • Reef safe species that will not harm your corals or invertebrates
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What is the Swell Gold Ring Cowrie?

The Gold Ring Cowrie is a very peaceful species of snail and they are very beneficial to marine aquariums as they feed on detritus and will reduce the levels of algae in the aquarium. They have a white shell with two yellow-gold lines along the upper side which connect at the ends which create a near ring shape which is how it gets its common name. They make an excellent clean up crew by actively grazing on algae and detritus. They are reef safe and a peaceful species but care needs to be taken when choosing their tank mates as more aggressive species could harm them so it is best to add these snails into a mature tank with established live rock

How are these molluscs delivered to you?

The delivery time for your molluscs will be two working days if ordered before 2pm Monday - Thursday, and if you ordered after 2pm on a Thursday until Sunday then they should arrive with you by Tuesday. They will arrive in a polystyrene box and be bagged with oxygen which will allow them to stay packaged for up to 48 hours, if they are ordered during winter they will also come with heat pads for warmth. There is a one off £30 delivery charge regardless of how many fish you buy per order.

How do you acclimatise this molluscs to your aquarium

You need to carefully acclimate your molluscs when they arrive. To find out all this information and much more be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Buying Live Aquarium Fish Online

Scientific name Monetaria annulus
Max size 4cm
Minimum Tank size 45 litres
Coral Safe? Yes
Invertebrate Safe? Yes
Care level? Beginner
Group Size? Single or Groups
Dietary Requirements Algae
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