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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £15 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

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  • Reliably increases pH and CH
  • A 100 ml bottle treats up to 400 l
  • Freshwater and saltwater suitable
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JBL pH Plus is ideal to raise the pH level of your aquarium, whether it is fresh or salt water. It can also be used in ponds and for aquariums containing exotic fish such as Cichlids.

The pH-level indicates the acidity of the water. The higher the pH-level, the less acid is in the water, the proportion of alkali is higher (the opposite of acids). The lower the pH-level, the more acid the water contains.

It's important to find out the KH level first, so use one of our handy aquarium test kits. Then following the instructions, add 10ml for every 40 litres of water. This will increase the KH by 1⁰ GKH.

In aquariums and ponds the following levels are desirable:

  • To adapt the pH value to the needs of the fish and invertebrates in fresh and saltwater aquariums.
  • Rapid raising of the pH value and stabilisation through increase of the carbonate hardness.
  • Use in freshwater: can be used as often as needed to raise the carbonate hardness in too soft water to the desired value. Maximal increase of the pH value to 8.5.
  • Use in saltwater: adjusts the carbonate hardness to the natural ocean value of 10 to 12 °d KH and thus adjusts the required pH value of 8.0 to 8.4.
  • Contents: 1 bottle pH/KH increaser. To use: 10 ml/40 l water. Results into an increase of approximately 1° dKH.


  • outside screwtop: for 15 litres / 3.3 gallons of aquarium water.
  • inside screwtop: for 30 litres / 6.6 gallons of aquarium water.
  • A 100ml bottle treats up to 400 litres / 88 gallons of water
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