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  • Effectively buffers your aquarium water to the right pH level
  • Raises carbonate alkalinity
  • Benefits coral and other marine life forms
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Seachem Reef Buffer is intended for use with a reef aquarium to act as a buffer, specifically when maintenance of a pH level of 8.3 is difficult to maintain, without risking accidental overdose. This product will also raise carbonate alkilinity and unlike others on the market, is a blended product that is not simply sodium carbonate. Reef Buffer is available in 50g to 4kg sizes for all applications.

Key Features:

  • Raises carbonate alkilinity
  • Blended product - not just sodium carbonate
  • For use as a buffer in a system where a pH above 8.3 is required


  • 250g treats 9093 litres / 2000 gallons
  • 500g treats 1819 litres / 4000 gallons
  • 1kg treats 36369 litres / 8000 gallons
  • 4kg treats 145475 litres / 32000 gallons
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