NT Labs Medikoi Sturgeon Food

Digestible and nutritious sinking pellet for sturgeon

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  • Premium sinking food for optimum nutrition
  • Provides a balance and easy digestible feed for sturgeon
  • High protein content
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Medikoi Sturgeon food is a highly digestible and nutritious sinking pellet for sturgeon. Available in 2mm (Junior), 4.5mm and 8mm (Jumbo) sinking pellet size. Containing only the most digestible fish proteins, providing the correct proportions of vitamins, minerals and oils to ensure your sturgeon receive the best nutritionally balanced food available. Other species of fish in your pond will also find Medikoi Sturgeon highly palatable. This specialised Sturgeon food for sturgeon and sterlets (a smaller breed of sturgeon) will aid rapid growth, nutrition and a strong immune system, and can also be used with all other pond fish for best results.

Using a blend of highly digestible proteins, this food is ideal for the needs of large fish. With a protein level of over 42%, it is one of the richest foods available. It also has added fish oils to ensure that the proteins are used for growth and not energy. Added vitamins also boost the immune system, bone density and of course promote beautiful natural colours.

Pellets are available in the following sizes:

2mm;4.5mm or 8mm.

Feeding Guide:

Spring: As the water temperature increases so too will the activity of your sturgeon and its nutritional requirements. Start introducing a few pellets of Medikoi Sturgeon food, only adding more when all the other pellets have been eaten.

Summer: Your sturgeon will be feeding heavily and making the most growth at this time of year so it is important to introduce Medikoi Sturgeon food to your pond. If too little food is used the other fish may eat enough of it to prevent the sturgeon from getting enough for healthy growth. Remember to remove any uneaten food.

Autumn: Continue feeding as sturgeon will be building their reserves for the winter. As the temperature drops monitor the amount of food being consumed and gradually reduce as necessary.

Winter: Sturgeon will feed down to 4°C, so continue introducing a few pellets even when the other fish in your pond have stopped feeding. Only introduce more pellets when the rest of the pellets have been consumed.



Wheat, Fish Meal, Poultry Meal, Poultry Blood Meal, Maize Gluten, Wheat Gluten, Sunflower Meal, Fish Oil, Lecithin, Yeast Products (Stimmune)


Crude Protein: 42%. Crude fat: 18%. Crude fibre: 1.7%. Ash: 8.8%. Vitamin A: 15000 IU/kg. Vitamin D3: 2000 IU/kg. Vitamin E: 200 mg/kg. Vitamin C: 150 mg/kg. Copper: 5 mg/kg.

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