NT Labs Medikoi Growth

Growth pellet food for Koi and other pond fish

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  • Premium growth food for all pond fish
  • 40% protein content
  • 4mm and 6mm pellet size available
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Medikoi Growth food has been scientifically formulated to provide the optimum level of healthy but rapid growth and low waste. The high protein level of 40% is partnered with a relatively higher oil content of 7.3%. The oil provides the energy source so that the maximum amount of protein can be used for growth, but not too high as to cause oily slick on the water surface. This highly digestible formulation ensures that there is much less waste as more of the food is metabolized by the fish.

NT Labs Medikoi Growth is the perfect food to support healthy growth and development of your Koi.

It has been designed with a higher protein level than standard foods for rapid growth. Easy to digest, the food leaves little waste, which means that your pond stays cleaner for longer. It also contains a higher level of oil too, so that the protein is used more for growth than for energy.

It also has added vitamins, EFA's and amino-acids to promote a strong immune system, beautiful colours and overall health.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as much as your fish will eat. Feed when fish are actively swimming for best results.

Ingredients: Soya, Wheat, Fish meal, Fish Oil, Maize.

Key Features:

  • 40% protein
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6 for energy
  • Produces minimal waste
  • Help koi to grow rapidly and safely
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Protein 40%, Oil 7.3%, Vitamins 4.3Mcal/kg, Minerals, EFA's.


Product Pellet size Size
NT Labs Medikoi Junior Growth 750g (4mm) 4mm 750g
NT Labs Medikoi Junior Growth 5kg (4mm) 4mm 5kg
NT Labs Medikoi Junior Growth 10kg (4mm) 4mm 10kg
NT Labs Medikoi Growth 1.75kg (6mm) 6mm 1.75kg
NT Labs Medikoi Growth 3kg (6mm) 6mm 3kg
NT Labs Medikoi Growth 5kg (6mm) 6mm 5kg
NT Labs Medikoi Growth 10kg (6mm) 6mm 10kg



Soya, Wheat, Fish meal, Fish Oil, Maize.

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