NT Labs Medikoi Staple With Colour Enhancer

Staple pond food perfect for optimised growth and health

At a glance...
  • Highly digestible staple diet for Koi
  • Contains paprika to bring out striking colours
  • 34% protein content plus a rich vitamin and mineral profile
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Medikoi Staple is a highly digestible, complete diet for all pond fish and therefore perfect for everyday feeding. The high quality ingredients are designed to be easily assimilated and metabolised by your fish resulting in maximum food conversion, colour enhancement and minimum waste to ensure water quality remains good. Medikoi Staple is also packed full of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy well-being.

This complete food delivers just the right amount of nutrition for the best growth and development in your Koi Carp. NT Labs Medikoi Staple has everything that your pond fish need to thrive. With over 34% protein levels, optimum growth is visible as your fish thrive.

Added vitamins C, D and E work to boost the immune system, bone density and anti-oxidants to ensure that your fish are vitally healthy from the inside out. Spirulina promotes beautiful colour density and will show just how healthy your fish are with shining scales and vibrant hues.

Feed Medikoi Health for three weeks followed by Medikoi Staple for two weeks. Feed twice daily during the growing season. Always only feed a quantity that can be consumed in five minutes or so. In the winter when your fishes' metabolism changes, substitute it with Wheatgerm.


Soya, wheat, fish meal, maize, fish oil, Mediclay. EEC permitted colourants and antioxidants.

Key Features:

  • Keeps fish healthy
  • Contains paprika to bring out striking colours
  • Improves digestion
  • Packed with nutriants
  • For best results use with Medikoi Health


  • Protein 33%.
  • Oil 3.1%.
  • Fibre 2.4%.
  • Ash 5.6%.
  • Moisture 8%.
  • Vitamins per kg: A26250 IU, C 350 milligrams, D 3000 IU, E 233 milligrams.
  • Clay 0.5 grams.
  • Paprika 1%.
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NT Labs Medikoi Staple Junior 700g (3mm) 3mm 750g
NT Labs Medikoi Staple Junior 5kg (3mm) 3mm 5kg
NT Labs Medikoi Staple Junior 10kg (3mm) 3mm 10kg
NT Labs Medikoi Staple 1.75kg (6mm) 6mm 1.75kg
NT Labs Medikoi Staple 3kg (6mm) 6mm 3kg
NT Labs Medikoi Staple 5kg (6mm) 6mm 5kg
NT Labs Medikoi Staple 10kg (6mm) 6mm 10kg
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