Nishikoi Niigata Professional

Generates rapid growth in Koi

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  • High protein and natural diet for all Koi
  • Based on the recommendations of professional Japanese Koi farmers
  • Medium and large pellet sizes available
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Based on the recommendations of professional Japanese Koi farmers. Niigata Professional is packaged in the quality, 100% re-sealable, jars that are synonymous with Nishikoi. The food has been developed with the wealth of expertise of Japanese Koi farmers who keep their fish in clay ponds.

The food contains Vetregard™, an immunosupportive beta glucan that is well-known in the world of aquaculture to aid the development of natural bacteria in the intestine and help the immune system. Beta glucans works with the fishes' own immune defences in preparation to resist infection. This is particularly useful during times of stress and spawning.

As with Nishikoi's other foods, Niigata Professional also has the anti-oxidant action of vitamins C & E and vitamin D for healthy bone formation. Niigata Professional also contains natural propolis which maintains healthy fish.

Niigata Professional has been developed to generate rapid growth in koi. The protein is highly digestible which allows your koi to utilise it more efficiently.When to feed - Niigata Professional should be fed to koi when pond temperatures are above 10o C (50oF) or when koi are actively seeking food

Key Features:

  • Clay - for minerals and healthy digestion.
  • Vetreguard - immuno-supportive beta glucans, for increased health.
  • Natural Propolis - anti-inflammatory, bacterial and fungal properties.
  • Quality Fishmeal - highly digestible source of protein.
  • Pellet Size Approx: Small 3-4mm / Medium 5-6mm / Large 7-8mm

Using this specialised food will ensure the continued health and vitality of your Koi Carp, and also enhance their beautiful colours. Easily absorbed proteins ensure rapid growth with little waste.

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