Oase BioMaster PreFilter Foams

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Filter foams to fit the pre-filter section on the Oase BioMaster and BioMaster thermo external filters. Available in fine and course to give you the clearest of aquarium water.


  • PreFilter Foam Course 4 pack - 45ppi
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  • PreFilter Foam Fine 4 pack - 60ppi
    code: 45266 In stock Only 3 left in stock
  • PreFilter Foam Course 6 pack - 45ppi
    code: 45267 In stock Only 3 left in stock
  • PreFilter Foam Fine 6 pack - 60ppi
    code: 45268 In stock Only 2 left in stock

Product Information

Replacing filter foams is essential to help maintain a health, clean aquariums. There is no set rule for when your need to replace filter foams in aquarium filters, however, there are some signs such as dirty water circulation, poor water quality and reduction in flow from your filter that help indicate when this needs doing. Although a foam may look fine in appearance, it may have shrunk over time allowing debris to pass this stage of the filter so its advised always having a spare handy to compare.

These foams are seated within the pre-filter section of the BioMaster external filter. as standard the filter comes with the course blue foams, however, there is a fine foam available which is used to catch the finest or particles.

Available in packs of 4 and 6

  • Biomaster 250 - requires 4
  • Biomaster 350 - requires 5
  • Biomaster 600 - requires 6

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