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  • Removes toxins and ammonia
  • Reduces fish stress
  • Suitable to use in freshwater aquariums
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The Fluval Zeo Carb has been created as a blend between Fluval Ammonia Remover and Fluval Carbon Remover and so is an ideal media to use to save more space in your filter system.

The Zeo Carb is only suitable to use in fresh water and should be replaced regularly, i.e. once per month, though you may need to replace more frequently if you tank is very polluted.

Fluval Zeo Carb does not release phosphate into your tank but it does help to absorb dyes, liquid waste and is designed to create protection from ammonia in your aquarium.

Do not use when you are using medication in your aquarium.

Suitable media placement:

  • 105, 205, 305, 405, 104, 204, 304, 404, 103, 203, 303, 403 mid or lower level media basket.
  • FX5:- top or middle media baskets.
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