Oase Vulcan 37-2.5K

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This Vulcan 37-2.5K from Oase (also known as the Oase Vulkan 37-2.5K) will easily impress family, friends and customers alike. The top of the line three-tier fountain nozzle features 37 jets and a 1" BSP (British Standard Pipe) male fitting, making set up a breeze with most pond pumps, including the Aquarius Universal Premium and Aquarius fountain range. The nozzle produces jets up to 450cm in height and 250cm in diameter depending on the power of your pump.


  • Vulcan 37-2.5K
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Product Information

What is a Vulcan 37-2.5K?

It's a three-tier fountain head that features three concentric rings of nozzles to produce an amazing professional fountain effect that will both aerate your garden pond and turn heads. The Vulcan 37-2.5K is compatible with both the Aquarius Universal Premium and Aquarius Fountain ranges and will attach to both with ease. Please note, as this is just a fountain head, you will need to buy a suitable fountain pump, pond liners, pond underlay and other water gardening accessories from an aquatics supplier like Swell UK to create a full garden pond feature.

Will my fountain pump or Aquarius fountain work with the Vulcan 37-2.5K?

This fountain head has been designed to work with Oase Aquarius Fountain 4,000-12,000 sets. However, as long as your fountain pumps or water features have a 1" female BSP outlet and a flow rate of 4,000-12,000Iph they will be compatible with this model. Most high-powered Oase fountain and garden pond pumps are compatible with this attachment including the Aquarius Universal Premium and Aquarius Fountain ranges.

How do I connect the Vulcan 37-2.5K to my fountain pump or Aquarius Universal Premium?

You can use a 1" pump attachment to connect this fountain head to your garden pond pumps or water features without any hidden costs - it will screw in to create a watertight seal.


Effect Three-tier
Compatible Iph 4,000-12,000Iph
Number of heads 1
Maximum fountain height 450cm
Maximum fountain diameter 250cm

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