Ocean Nutrition Discus Flakes

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Satisfy the nutritional needs of your Discus fish by feeding them Ocean Nutrition Discus Flakes - designed with their dietary requirements in mind, they can live healthy and happy lives on this food.


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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition have created this tasty food just for Discus, and the blend is intended to enhance colours, health and growth of this popular fish. Discus Flakes are a great, nutrient rich, natural food for Discus. The immune system is boosted by added vitamin C, garlic and spirulina algae. This reduces the chance of stress and diseases too to give your Discus a long, healthy life. The unique blend of plankton, salmon, squid and other sources provides your fish with a superbly rich diet of protein. Combined with fatty amino acids it provides the very best food for your Discus and promotes beautiful vibrancy and colourful, active fish.

Key Features:

  • High protein food
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Boost immunity to stress and disease
  • Easily digested - low waste
  • Promotes the production of mucus for larval nurturing
  • Colour enhancing

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as much as your fish will eat in a few minutes. Feed approximately 3-4 times per day, depending upon how many fish you have. Remove uneaten food to avoid a waste build-up.

Ingredients Include:

salmon fillets, squid, wheat, tuna eggs, garlic, spirulina, minerals, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, protein min 52.5%.

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    Date 09/12/2019 08:12am
    Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake 71g
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    Good reliable service with prompt delivery
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    Date 06/09/2018 15:09pm
    Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake 71g
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    the fish go for it when put in the tank
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    Date 16/10/2016 12:10pm
    Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake 71g
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    Date 19/11/2015 08:11am
    Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake 71g
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    great product and a great price