Ocean Nutrition Green Seaweed

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Let your grazing aquarium fish feed more naturally on something like Ocean Nutrition Green Seaweed, which can be pinned to a rock or the side of your aquarium for your fish to pick it as they would in the wild.


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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition Green Marine Algae food is perfect for marine fish. It's designed for herbivorous fish from both marine and freshwater tanks. It contains just dried seaweed which is rich in protein and garlic. Garlic is a well-known immuno booster and will encourage fussy eaters to feed. It can be added to the aquarium via the A la Carte food clip or attaching to a rock within the aquarium. Fish can then graze on the food, this also makes it easier to remove uneaten food when needed. This makes the Green Marine Algae food an treat or holiday food.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for herbivorous marine and freshwater fish
  • Contains just seaweed and garlic
  • 33% protein for optimum growth
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes appetite in fussy eater

Ideal food source for:

  • Marine Tangs.
  • Angels.
  • Wrasses.
  • Damsels.
  • Butterfly Fish.

And there is also available Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed.

Feeding Instructions:

Use a 2" x 3" piece for a 200l aquarium. Remove any unattached pieces after 6 hours.


100% Natural Dried Seaweed, 100% Digestible and high in Vitamin C.

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