Hikari Seaweed Extreme Pellet

Daily diet for all types of marine fish

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  • Natural seaweed pellet fish food
  • Fish meal available in two sizes
  • Ideal supplemental diet for herbivorous marine fish
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My fish go wild for these pellets, feeding time has become a lot more fun since I bought them.

What are Hikari Seaweed Extreme Pellets?

Seaweed Extreme Pellet from Hikari is a sinking pellet fish food that instantly attracts herbivorous species of fish. It contains over 67% natural seaweed and is available in small and medium pellet sizes.

What are the benefits of this marine fish food?

Hikari Seaweed Extreme fish food has superior nutritional specifications. It's the world's first pellet food that contains more than 67% natural seaweed. It's a highly aromatic and flavourful pellet that softens quickly when put in water. The outstanding nutrient mix supports rapid growth and maintains colouration while supporting immune system health.

How often should I feed this pellet food?

Your fish should be fed no more than it will consume in two minutes, twice or three times daily. This high-quality seaweed pellet food absorbs water and breaks down into a soft texture similar to wet Nori algae for easy grazing. We suggest smaller feedings and then getting bigger until you find the right amount of food for your marine fish to avoid overfeeding and uneaten food left in your tank.



Product Size
Seaweed Extreme Pellet Small 45g
Seaweed Extreme Pellet Medium 90g

Nutritional information

Crude protein Min. 33%
Crude fat Min. 5%
Crude fibre Min. 4%
Moisture Max. 10%
Ash Max. 12%
Phosphorus Min. 0.5%
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