Pressure Pipe Fittings

Pressure pipe fittings help and advice

Create high-pressure watercourses

Build your pond with high-quality pressure pipework to ensure lasting connections. Swell UK's full range of pressure pipework is available in various formats from elbows to T-joints - everything you need to create the pond you've always wanted.

What are pressure pipe fittings?

Pressure pipes are specially designed pipes with thick outer walls to deal with high-pressure water passing through them. They are most commonly used in professional settings or for long vertical movements of water where high pressure is required.

Why should I buy pressure pipe fittings?

If you need to move water at high speeds or under high pressure, pressure pipe fittings are a must. Regular pipe fittings are incapable of withstanding high pressure and will often crack or rupture, causing damage to the entire watercourse. Our range of pressure pipe fittings includes connectors, valves and bends so you can create any watercourse you desire.

What are the main types of pressure pipe fittings?

Pressure pipe fittings are best divided into the long sections of pipe and the various connectors in the range. The long sections of pipe can be bought in different lengths and widths to run in a straight line between two points. The connectors attach to the end of the pressure pipe fittings to either create a bend, valve or attachment with another part of the watercourse.

What features should I look out for?

Consider your watercourse in full and carefully plan what you will need throughout it. The important thing to remember with pressure pipe fittings is that while they're strong the other parts of your course may not be, so you must ensure that every section can take the pressure you're intending to run through the course. Your watercourse is only as strong as the weakest component.

What accessories should I buy with pressure pipe fittings?

Pressure pipe fittings can be as complex or as straightforward as you desire, consider what you want the course to achieve and work out each section carefully with all the components needed for it. It is key to get a strong adhesive to connect your pressure pipe fittings as it will need to bear the pressure as much as the pipe itself - Swell UK stocks a range of strong adhesives for this purpose.