Pond Lights

Pond lights help and advice

Illuminate your pond late into the night

Create added depth to your pond or water feature with the addition of spectacular pond lighting. Pond lighting is specially designed to illuminate a body of water safely and efficiently, so you can be sure that both your pondlife and electricity bills will be safe. At Swell UK we have a wide variety of pond lights from top manufacturers including Blagdon, Hozelock, Oase and Velda.

What are pond lights?

Pond lights are water-proof lights designed to be fully submerged in water. They can be installed in both ponds and water features to create added depth and allow them to be viewed at night. Most run from a mains power supply with a transformer and a water-safe connection.

Why should I buy pond lights?

Pond lights are particularly good for water features or ponds with fish in them as they spotlight and draw attention from those looking at your garden. They are also great for entertaining as your guests will be able to enjoy your water feature late into the night. If you have already gone to the trouble of setting up the wiring needed for a permanent pump, it doesn't take much more work to add lighting that is sure to get your pond the attention it deserves.

What are the main types of pond lights?

Except for a few floating and waterfall lights, most pond lights are either designed to sit outside the pond and shine a light on it or permanently sit beneath the water. This tends to be the main difference in the category as lights that sit beneath the water will create a different effect to those on the shoreline.

What features should you look out for when buying pond lights?

Energy efficiency is key when buying a pond light as you're likely to be running your lights most evenings. Beyond that, it's really about finding the best unique features for your pond to accentuate the areas that will impress your guests the most. If you have a fountain pump you might want to look at shoreline lights that will highlight the projection, while if you are illuminating a fish pond you might want to consider a set of submersible lights to spotlight your pondlife.