Red Sea Foundation Liquid Starter Pack

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Make sure you keep your Calcium, KH/Alkalinity and Magnesium at the correct levels with this easy to dose RedSea Foundation starter kit, which contains all of the essential foundation elements required in order for corals to thrive within the reef aquarium.


  • Foundation 3x250ml Liquid Starter Pack
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Product Information

Unlike the natural reef where there is an immense reservoir of foundation elements, in an aquarium these elements are constantly depleted due to coral growth and other biological activities. Therefore, calcium, carbonates (alkalinity) and magnesium require regular testing and supplementing.

For best results, dose according to a measured uptake of Calcium KH/Alkalinity and Magnesium using Red Sea's Foundation Pro multi test kit. The Foundation Supplements Complete Pack is part of Red Sea's complete Reef Care Program, which provides all of the supplements, test kits and coral foods required to maintain a successful and healthy coral reef aquarium.

Reef Care Recipes provides an easy to follow guide on how the Foundation supplements are used on different types of reef aquariums.


1ml will raise the Ca level of 100 litres (25 gal) by 2ppm.

1ml will raise the Alkalinity of 100 litres (25gal) by 0.036 meq/l (0.1dKH).

1ml will raise the Mg level of 100 litres (25gal) by 1ppm.

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    Date 14/04/2019 07:04am
    Red Sea Foundation 3x250ml Liquid Starter Pack
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    As always, very quick service well packed. Good list of products
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    Date 09/06/2018 17:06pm
    Red Sea Foundation 3x250ml Liquid Starter Pack
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    Red Sea products are Excellent have no issues with them.